You can either download the latest stable release from the table below or go straight to github for the cutting edge version.

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Current release

The most recent, stable release of Spoon is 1.3.0
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All releases

Version Date of release Download
Spoon 1.3.0 February 18th 2011 .zip
Spoon 1.2.0 May 18th 2010 .zip .tar.gz
Spoon 1.1.5 February 7th 2010 .zip .tar.gz
Spoon 1.1.4 January 27th 2010 .zip .tar.gz
Spoon 1.1.3 January 5th 2010 .zip .tar.gz
Spoon 1.1.1 July 3rd 2009 .zip .tar.gz
Spoon 1.1.0 July 1st 2009 .zip .tar.gz
Spoon 1.0.3 February 13th 2009 .zip .tar.gz
Spoon 1.0.2 January 25th 2009 .zip .tar.gz
Spoon 1.0.1 January 9th 2009 .zip .tar.gz
Spoon 1.0.0 January 5th 2009 .zip .tar.gz
Spoon 0.1.2 October 11th 2007 .zip .tar.gz