Spoon Library v1.2.0 released

Written by Davy Hellemans -

We're proud to announce the v1.2.0 release.


  • The directory structure has changed for some packages.
  • A few classes have been renamed based on the above changes. People new to Spoon should have an easier time, trying to find the location of the subpackages.
  • Spoon::setObjectReference now also returns the instance you provide it.
  • When an exception is thrown, we try to add the last PHP error message if it's available.
  • SpoonFilter::isURL now allowes square brackets and semicolons.
  • SpoonFilter::replaceURLsWithAnchors now allowes square brackets and semicolons.
  • If an exception has a code, this code will be used to link to the documentation section on the website which might contain more information about this specific exception.
  • Template cycle tags may now contain a few more characters to give more flexibility in your templates.
  • Fixed a bug in SpoonTemplate which prevented first/last options to function normally when your arrays did not start with the 0 key element.
  • An extension check has been added to make sure 'mbstring' is loaded before you can use any Spoon class.
  • Fixed some comments in multiple files.
  • Exception-mails are formatted with inline styles.
  • Fixed a performance issue with SpoonFormDropdown in the parse method. (thx to Dieter Vanden Eynde)
  • Implemented an autoloader for Spoon.
  • SpoonFile::download() now deletes empty file handles when the HTTP return status is not 200.
  • Added SpoonDatagrid::getTemplate to retrieve the actual template object being used for parsing your datagrid.
  • Added initial version of the new SpoonFileCSV class.
  • SpoonFilter::toCamelCase now allowes the separator to be a string OR array.
  • Fixed a few issues with invalid markup generated by SpoonForm::getTemplateExample() for radiobuttons/checkboxes.
  • SpoonFilter now uses ctype & filter_var functions to speed up some checks methods.
  • Fixed an issue with the SpoonDatagrid paging template file.
  • An extra method 'createThumbnail' has been added to SpoonFormImage.
  • Tokens have been implemented in SpoonForm. They are disabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue in SpoonFilter::toCamelCase concerning words with uppercase characters in it. eg SpOoN LiBrarY.
  • SpoonFilter::getValue() now accepts arrays for the first argument, as well as 'array' for the returnType argument.
  • Added SpoonFilter::arrayMapRecursive(), a way to map multi-dimensional arrays with one or more functions.