Spoon Library v1.1.4 released

Written by Davy Hellemans -

We're proud to announce the v1.1.4 release.


  • Added SpoonTemplate::getContent which returns the output of the executed template. Can not be used in combination with cache tags.
  • Added SpoonFilter::stripHTML, it strips all HTML elements from a string. Optional attributes include:
    • Replacing images with alt text
    • Replacing anchor links with their href value
    • Let paragraph elements receive an extra linebreak at the end to keep basic formatting
  • SpoonEmail now uses SpoonFilter::stripHTML to generate plain-text contents.
  • SpoonEmail now supports SSL and TLS in SMTP connections. Use SpoonEmail::setSMTPSecurity() to set the SMTP security layer.
  • When you create a datagrid, the column names will be used as the class attribute.
  • SpoonSession::exists now works as intended, pretty similar to SpoonCookie::exists.
  • Removed getLanguages from SpoonLocale since the source files were not reliable.
  • You can now use SpoonDropDown::setOptionAttributes to add some custom attributes to specific options in a dropdown. Examples are 'disabled' or 'rel'.
  • Added htmlspecialcharsDecode to SpoonFilter.
  • Reworked SpoonSession::delete to offer the same flexibility as SpoonCookie::delete.
  • Added SpoonDataGrid::getColumn which grants you access to the actual SpoonDataGridColumn object, providing you with more options to set for a column.
  • Internal code has been refactored to implement the new naming conventions for arrays.