Spoon Library v1.1.3 released

Written by Davy Hellemans -

We're proud to announce the v1.1.3 bugfix release.


  • Added SpoonImageField, it extends SpoonFileField with some image-specific methods:
    • getExtension(): returns the extension based on the IMAGETYPE
    • hasMinimumDimensions(): checks if the image has minimum width and height
    • isValidMimeType(): a filter based on given MIME-types
  • Added Dave to the main-authors (Welcome Dave!)
  • Fixed some PHP-doc
  • Fixed a bug in SpoonTemplateModifiers::createHTMLLinks(), it should handle urls correct from now on
  • Added an extra element in the return of SpoonFile::getInfo(). The element is called human_readable_size and contains the size of the file in a human readable way.
  • $_FILES is now included in the variables-section of Exceptions.
  • Added SpoonTemplate::getAssignedValue to fetch already assigned values.
  • Fixed an issue with required files not being included.
  • Rewrote the way SpoonCheckBox & SpoonRadioButton work. The number of required parameters & options has been increased.
  • SpoonCookie::unset now works as intended (thx to Dieter Vanden Eynde)
  • Fixed an issue when using multiple cycle tags on one page
  • Based on SPOON_DEBUG the error_reporting for a compiled template is set to E_WARNING or E_ALL | E_STRICT