Spoon Library v1.0.3 released

Written by Davy Hellemans -

We're proud to announce the release of v1.0.3.


  • Template engine now parses forms with their variable options to the compiled version (thx to Pieter Meyvaert)
  • SpoonDatabase: using tables instead of table as variable name
  • SpoonDatabase: if the handler doesn't exists it should be created when calling getHandler
  • SpoonImage: removed unused code
  • SpoonDataGrid now has a method to retrieve the number of results (getNumResults)
  • You can now set your compile directory for datagrid templates
  • SpoonDataGrid::setAttributes now works as intended
  • Added a number of methods to be able to clear attributes within datagrids.
  • SpoonFilter::isURL allowes @ from now on
  • SpoonRSS::isValid to check for valid feed
  • SpoonRSS::readFromFeed will ignore invalid data
  • SpoonDate updated the values of the keys when asking for days/months of the year.
  • SpoonDatabase fixed minor issue where an exception could not be shown properly with parameter issues
  • Updated package info for SpoonThumbnail
  • Fixed an issue with SpoonForm and the default enctype.
  • Datagrid now has the correct colspan value made available in the template
  • When using maxlength this will be used when retrieving the value with getValue()