Spoon Library v1.0.2 released

Written by Davy Hellemans -

We're proud to announce the release of v1.0.2 of our beloved library.


  • Exceptions now include the hostname, if available
  • Session variables via SpoonSession are no longer converted to a string
  • Template includes now work as initially intended (thx to Pieter Meyvaert)
  • Inverse template options using the ! sign are now available
  • Template engine now has 2 default variables (TAB & CRLF)
  • The form package has been tested with E_STRICT
  • SpoonEmail now accepts templates and their needed variables through 2 new methods (setHTMLContent and setPlainContent)
  • Removed method setContent in SpoonEmail
  • SpoonEmail now strips HTML tags from the HTML body when no plain template is chosen
  • Fixed bug in SpoonEmail where returning output would sometimes trigger an error
  • Made SpoonFilter::isEmail somewhat compatible with RFC 5322 (not fully implemented yet)
  • SpoonFilter::isURL supports ip-addresses. (thx to Pieter Claerhout)
  • SpoonSession has an extra method: SpoonSession::delete($key)
  • SpoonCookie has an extra method: SpoonCookie::delete($key)
  • SpoonCookie::set fixed a bug, with serializing data