New website released

Written by Davy Hellemans -

Finally the new website has been released. This is mostly a redesign of the previous one, with a few extra features. It's now possible to post comments on tutorials, blogposts and class methods.

I want to thank @yoniweb (Yoni De Beule) for his design skills. He made sure the logo and website look amazing. More thanks go out to @tijsverkoyen for his HTML5 slice work which kicks some serious ass.

Feedback about the redesign/features is always welcome.


Wolf wrote 2 years ago

Woohoo! Looks mighty fine. One thing, the form text fields are misaligned in chrome ( ).

Bauffman wrote 2 years ago

@wolf tips on how to fix this would be more than welcome. So far I haven't been able to manage to get this working in all browsers.

Wolf wrote 2 years ago

Look at Yoni's form library/Fork markup library? I think that's consistent. Use @moz-document, conditional comments @webkit specific rules to change padding values. It's a bit of a pain to get right everywhere.

Bramus! wrote 2 years ago

And to say that just yesterday me and some friends were talking about it. Perfect timing!

Also: typo in main headline on homepage: "thats fast"

Bauffman wrote 2 years ago

@bramus that's because designers are not bound by the laws of spelling ;)

Mathieu wrote 2 years ago

Looks awesome

Bram Vanderhaeghe wrote 2 years ago

Very nice!

One major usability tip though:
The documentation pages look empty at first sight. The topics of the content are listed in the subnavigation. This works if you only have 1 level. But this website has 3 or more levels. You'll get a much better user experience if the topics would be listed in the page itself, not in the subnav.
This also prevents that one constantly has to jump between the subnavigation and the empty content.

Bauffman wrote 2 years ago

@bram spoon is going toward a component based library. The documentation will then be completely revised to actully use the main content for each component and not just one sentence that tells you where to look for more info :)

A work in progress, but I'm going to keep your tip in mind when I start working on this next documentation piece.

Frederik Heyninck wrote 2 years ago

Very Nice.
Is it possible to sort the methods alphabetical?